Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beauty :: UK Beauty Haul

One of the things that I was most excited about visiting London was going to do some beauty shopping.

Since I follow so many lovely UK beauty bloggers, I was excited to check out Boots, and grab some products that I know aren't available on this side of the pond.

It was definitely a tough decision. I didn't actually really need any new make up, so I decided to get products that I knew I didn't own, and ones that I thought would make it easier to do my make up in the morning. And also a blush, since I didn't really have one.


The blush, by Seventeen, was probably the best purchase I made. I'm actually sad that I didn't buy another... because it is actually awesome, and I love it so much. The ease of being able to apply, and just the novel idea of having it so compact? Sold. I actually use it almost every day, it's so effortless. And it makes my face feel so nice. I wish they made a face powder like this one...

Because I was living on the edge, I also grabbed Seventeen's Eye Eye crayon in Jewel. I was feelin' crazy! I don't normally use eye shadow on a normal day, and this colour is so outside of my realm of comfort, I just felt like going for it though. Maybe it's because I was in a different country, I was ready to push my boundaries even more. I actually really enjoy buying things that I have absolutely no expectations for. The pigment for this is amazing - definitely lasts. It has such a powdery feel to it, it was a little shocking when I first applied it. So much so that I looked like someone still living in the 80's, all blue eyeshadow! I have yet to figure out a day look for this, but I'll work on it! But for right now, I'm glad and excited that it's on my shelf at home!

Another eye purchase, I grabbed the Seventeen Make Your Mark eye liner in black. You can never have too many eyeliners, and I'm a sucker for a good liner pen. So far, there's been no drawbacks to this purchase, although I find the point a little stiff, so I still start with my Eyeko pen, and use this for the cat eye flick!

Definitely the blush was the ideal and best purchase of the bunch, as the rest are kind of similar to other offerings that I've purchased before. What do you think of Seventeen's products? What other brand would you have suggested I buy? 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Life :: A-HA Moments

You know when reality can hit you right in the face with something so obvious, but it takes one of those 'Eureka' moments to realize it?

Well, that's been what my life has been like for the past couple of weeks. Oddly enough, I don't think that I've been in any more of a thoughtful mood, but I guess just talking about my issues is enough to bring these moments out.

I've had about 3 of these moments, and while I can't yet talk about one of them, I can discuss the others. So, lately I've been noticing a whole bunch of not so nice changes in my body. For one, I have extremely dry skin that seems to be getting worse every day. And, unfortunately, it's noticeable. So it's embarrassing to me. Right there on top of my head. So, it looks like I have terrible dandruff.

On top of that, I have absolutely no energy at all, and no sex drive -TMI? Haha my bad, but my moment came when I realized that this seemed to get worse in the past 6 months. Pretty much the exact time that I changed the birth control brand I was on. Coincidence? I think not.

So, I'm going off my birth control again. Hopefully this time goes a little smoother, and I don't have such crap side effects, although anything will be better than what I'm currently going through. Fingers crossed that this solves all my problems!!! In addition to cleansing my system from the birth control, I'm also going to be starting taking supplements, because I know that I'm not getting everything that I need - Vitamin D? Yes please! I need all the help I can get.

The first thing that Andrew said when I told him was "Are you trying to get pregnant?". Um no. Thanks, I'm good. That is definitely not the goal of this. And this time, I'm going to document it a little better. Care to join me on this... crazy journey?

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Life :: Did You See..?

Just popping in for a quick note, I guest-posted on my girl Amy's blog today. We're talking about Self-Love!!

Make sure you drop by and check it out!!

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fashion :: Keds for Kate Spade

The Keds x Kate Spade collaboration isn't new. But it is extremely cute and affordable. And did I mention cute?

I know, I'm behind the times. But these have been on my radar since I saw them get released, I just have been procrastinating trying to save money, so I have resisted. Until now.

I decided that I would finally pick up a pair, as I don't have any sneakers anymore, and with my pending trip I would be able to travel in style and comfort. Perfection! It's oddly reminiscent because back when I was a wee one, Keds were the only shoes that fit me comfortably as I had such narrow feet. Keds now, and Keds then.

I remember doodling all over the white ones, and making them my "own". Now, I won't be doodling on these ones, but they will be mine regardless. I chose the white with black polka dots, as I will most likely wear them more than a funkier patterned shoe. I cannot wait to skip around Paris in these. [Who am I kidding though, I'll skip around the whole of Europe in them... not just Paris.]

I did actually skip around Europe in them, and I don't know what happened. I didn't bring any rain gear, so when it poured in France while at Disneyland, my Keds got soaked. Not a big deal right? They're canvas so it's somewhat expected that they are not torrential downpour proof. My only thing with them is that it wasn't so much the canvas part that was leaking... it was the bottom of the shoe! It's a little disheartening, as these shoes are literally only a month old, and I need to glue them together. Sadly, I spent a good portion blow drying my shoes to get them dry. Especially in London.

I don't know if this is just a one in a million chance, or if the quality of the shoes has gone down, so I'm torn between whether I would repurchase again. I guess until these ones completely die on me, I won't know! Go figure eh? 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Toronto :: One of A Kind Show Recap

One of the highlights of the Christmas season is being able to check out all the gorgeous handmade goods at the One of a Kind show.

I'm a huge sucker for anything handmade really, and there were so many really neat things. There are so many things that I wanted to buy, but I had to resist. It's so easy to spend so much money, especially since they all take credit card now too, thanks to Square!

I managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done, so I won't be able to post to many pictures of what I bought, but I'm extremely pleased since that was my goal!

I can though, say what booths I purchased from, and the booths that I would purchase from in the future!


Paper Products

I especially have a huge soft spot for paper products. I stopped at pretty much every booth that had adorable cards or prints, and made mental notes of ones that I will eventually purchase. Just pile it on me please! I will take it all!

Ink Petals Press - I purchased a couple gifts from here, and they had an adorable collection set, but I did find them a little pricier for their stuff, but maybe it was just me. They would have made great gifts, but $75 was a little out of my price range!

Sprouts Press - I loved her stuff, but again, was another one that I thought was a little too pricey. Her journals were all naturally dyed, and looked stunning. But they were $60 each. Ouch. She also had some cute little stationary sets, but at $30 they were also out of my budget!

The SilkPulp - They had adorable prints and cards! She made them all by hand cutting the images out. They were stunning. And they are all able to be custom made, which is amazing. They would be great for a kids room, and the quotes would be great for bathrooms or offices.

Mehoi - She has a store in the Distillery district, so I know where I'll be going for stationary needs ;) Her cards are completely adorable, and I love the almost manga-like style of the drawings. She also makes notebooks, prints, decals, and temporary tattoos! How fun!

Made in Brockton Village - I actually bought a print from them because he was just too cute to resist! And decently priced at $15.00, I definitely couldn't leave him there. These guys also do custom wedding invitations and things like that, so definitely one to keep on file for when I might need them!


There was so much jewellery to choose from, and it was all so intricate and gorgeous! I was definitely not in the market for any of this stuff [yet], but was more drawn to bracelets and necklaces. Is it too much to hope for a ring this Christmas? ;)

Stick Man Creations - These were adorable. I love them, and I'll most likely buy a few once I've fixed my necklace, or incorporate it with the one that I know I'm getting for Christmas from Andrew's parents.

Diane Balit - These were amazing hand painted watches, if I needed one or knew someone who needed a new one, this definitely would have been an amazing buy for them! Each one was stunning, and just crazy that it was all hand painted!



Cassis Monna et Filles - OMG. I don't know about you, but I got my love of cassis (black currant) from my mom, and younger days growing up on Ribena. This booth was just dedicated to different kinds of cassis sweet and savoury sauces and jams. The vinegarette was delicious, and I did walk away with an apple, pear, and black currant marmalade. Om nom nom!

Les Caprices D'Angeline - Another amazing Quebec foodie flavour. They definitely know their stuff out there! This one was the cutest lady ever, who started with just making honey [she's a beekeeper], and then it grew into making honey based jams and sweet sauces like caramel, chocolate, fudge... mm. I'm drooling just thinking about it! She also has vinegarettes as well, and I bought one of their sets for a Christmas present!


Art That Moves - Yes, this is where I had my "a-ha" moment. I decided that I was going to wrap all of my presents in tea towels! Brilliant! They were so pretty



Creations Li - Her stuff was so adorable. If I had the space, and a not-so destructive cat, I would have her adorable bowls all over the house.

Greg Voisin Pottery - I meant to go back to this booth and pick out a mug, or a bowl to take home, but I got so carried up with buying presents for other people that I forgot to go shopping for myself. Shock! But, I will find them in Hamilton probably and buy a cup for myself.


Smells Like Canada - If you don't know about these guys yet, where have you been? I first read about them in the newspaper, and then again on Zubie's Musings. The face that they've taken scents of cities and put them into candles is amazing. Calgary Rawhide - now that's what a real man smells like, mmhmm. And Cabane a Sucre is the most amazing delicious smell ever. Pure winter candy. 

Couldn't make this show? Don't worry, the One of a Kind show will be back! Join them in March, the 25-29th for the Spring show and sale, or you can shop online all year round!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beauty :: GrowGorgeous Conditioner

I'm sure by now that you've all heard about this product, from GrowGorgeous,.

This is a product that I’d heard so much about online, and I love the concept of it! Only one product that does all of the following things? Sign me up. The shorter I have to spend in the shower, the better in my opinion.


I think that this is a great product, but it was just not right for me. The one thing that no one mentioned anywhere was the scent of the product! It is quite florally, and the scent lingers in your hair for at least a day. A nice bonus if you enjoy wearing floral scented perfumes. Not so good for me.

I have extremely sensitive skin on my scalp, and I am sensitive to floral scents. I do believe that I am allergic (not severely, just irritated) by this product. Such a disappointment!I did use it regularly for a couple weeks, and while the product worked great on my hair (so smooth!) it didn't do so great on my scalp. Or to my nose, as it made me rather stuffy.

I won't say that I'm disappointed in the product, because I do believe that it was working well and doing what it said it would do, I'm just disappointed that the high scent factor wasn't mentioned anywhere. If I had known about it, I most likely would have passed on it.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Let me know your thoughts!

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