Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Book :: How to be Parisian Wherever You Are

This book was a bit of a impulsive add to my cart.

I love me anything to do with Paris, so this was not an out of the norm buy. It actually fits quite well on my shelf.

Not a difficult read, by any stretch, it was quick and witty. There were little anecdotes, lists, things that Parisian women do or don't do. They covered topics from the basics, bad habits, allure, love, and overall Paris tips.

One of the chapters that resonated with me was A Mother With Flaws. Strange, isn't it? I've never been one to really want kids, although being with Andrew has changed that. Slightly. But I feel like this article puts me at ease.
"A loving mother, yes, but nonetheless incapable of forgetting herself completely...The Parisenne does not stop existing the day she has a child." - Berest, Diwan, de Maigret, Mas
That. Right there. Isn't it so true, especially on this side of the pond? When I think about motherhood, it's always uncompromising. Your child is your life. It's refreshing to read something that defies that, and it makes me breathe a little easier at night for knowing it. That will most likely become my mantra when I have kids.  Another one about pregnancy is "the word pregnant is an adjective. It describes you, it doesn't define you."

A couple other tips that I'll be taking to my closet are the essentials: Jeans, Men's shoes, the bag, the little black blazer (I am on the hunt for this right now!), ballet flats, the small silk scarf, the white shirt, a long trench, a thick scarf, the oversized sweater that slips off your shoulder, basic oversized sunglasses, the oversized shirt, and the very simple but very expensive t-shirt.

I also loved the look of the book. Great mix of photography and hand drawn pictures, as well as lists and short stories. You can't really fault the look of the Parisienne, it's definitely something that women (and men) lust over all around the world. That effortless chic.

It's a little small to be a coffee table book, but I would definitely have it for a desk, or side table. Something to browse through while drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon. Definitely recommend this one! 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cookbook :: Fiery Dan-Dan Noodles

Here it is! Week one and the first cookbook recipe - Check!

Jamie Oliver's Fiery Dan-Dan Noodles.

Such an easy recipe to make. I actually didn't make this for dinner, I decided to split it out into 3 days of lunches. Andrew's not such a big fan of noodle soup dishes. I did make many adjustments to this one, since while I had a lot of the ingredients, I couldn't find everything.


I didn't have any green vegetables for this one, just some nappa cabbage, which you can't really see since it's white. But so so yummy! 

Next week's recipe: Roasted Chicken

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Travel :: Packing Efficiently

Didn't I just come back from a trip?

**This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own.

Well, I'm already planning my next one. I'm headed back to the Netherlands! This time I'm taking off with my mom and brother, so it'll be a completely different trip, and I'm only going for 1 week.
After my last vacation, doesn't even seem like a long enough time! But as I'm only going to one country this time, I think that a week will definitely be more than enough time.

In retrospect to my last trip - I will definitely try to do much more planning. I want to get more seen and done, and see more of the country than I did last time. I pretty much only stayed in Cuijk, and our day trip into Amsterdam was... memorable, but not in a good way.

But planning aside (there will most likely be another post regarding that closer to when I decide to leave), there's also so much that I would change in how I packed my bag.

Step 1 - Not bring a backpack. I would definitely bring an actual suitcase on this trip. No more digging through many layers of clothing to get to the bottom of my damn bag.

Step 2 - I probably wouldn't bring as many clothes as I did last time. More socks. Better shoes.

Step 3 - And I'll definitely be using this infographic to pack my bag this time.

Courtesy of: Bluegala

Do you have any handy tips for me to use for this upcoming trip? Did you learn anything new with this one?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beauty :: OPI Nail Lacquer Haul

It's always nice to be able to get things on sale.

Especially when it's on credit! Credit makes you feel like your spending money that's free, but it really isn't, is it? You, at one point, did spend that money... Just not with this transaction. Oops.

Ah well. I purchased a pair of over-the-knee boots that were amazing on Beyond the Rack, but they just didn't fit quite well enough. I knew that they would give me issues eventually, and I'm at the age where I need to stop buying alright items and make sure that they are the best items for me and my body.

So I returned them, and got a credit. I decided that I didn't want to keep trying for things that may or may not be a perfect fit, so when I saw that OPI polishes were on sale, I knew that's what I was going to splurge on. Plus, if the colour didn't really suit me I could always pass it on to someone else.

The colours that I got actually were all great. Just one was a little bit different than I thought, but still a very pretty colour.

In the Cable Car Pool Lane

Grand Canyon Sunset

Chicago Champagne Toast

I think that my favourite is the rich plum colour, I have a slightly similar one by Essie, but I have to say that the application of OPI polishes are far better than Essie. Typically these retail at about $11.99 Canadian, but I got these at a steal for $6.99 each! It might be worth scoping out Beyond the Rack for future make up sales.

Stay tuned - I've got 3 more colours to test and swatch!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Life :: School's Back

Well. Here we are. The. Last. Semester.

I can see the end! I have 3 courses left until I'm graduated. THREE! This is amazing. I cannot wait. By the end of April I will be completed and graduated. 

What a great feeling. I'm not even there yet, but it doesn't even matter. It doesn't even matter that I have to miss a crazy amount of work to get it done, just the fact that I'll be DONE. 

These are the courses that are my last hurdle until the chains of school are gone. 
1. Professional Edge
2. Marketing Ethics and Law
3. Marketing Statistics

Unfortunately, Stats is an 8 am class. So is Professional Edge, but that one will be mainly group work so I'm not really worried about it. Stats is a math class. Which means I'll need to be up and functioning at 8. Joy. Not much I can do about it though. 

This semester I'm going to be in class almost all day on Fridays. Almost like a real student! Hello, wearing track pants to class. I'm going to get used to having shorter work weeks though... 

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fitness :: Yoga Flow

Damn, already into week 3??

Well I have been making some progress! I've bumped up my yoga flow length from starting at like 5 minutes to a solid 15.

I've been attempting some poses, that unfortunately my back just isn't allowing me to do fully yet.

Here's my first video! It's not that great - bear with me! I'm a super-n00b when it comes to figuring out video. And it takes me. so. long.

A pose that I want to work on for next week is: Dolphin! I can't wait to start incorporating it into my daily flow. Here's to another video soon!

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