Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fashion :: Made Inland 2014 Recap

Canadian made fashion and jewellery makes me happy! Did you make it out to Made Inland?


This post is a little behind in coming out, but still super exciting! Back in September, I met the lovely Sarah at the Cocktail Crawl fashion event, and she told me about the event that she was putting together - Made InLand.


Well, I made it out to the event, and it was amazing! There was a good amount of vendors, and while it wasn't a huge show, it only took about an hour to fully browse, there were some amazing designs to look at. I really enjoyed seeing Canadian made items, and definitely know where I'll be going in the future for long lasting, classic items.

I was definitely really drawn towards the jewellery this time... Even though I barely wear any! The top jewellery vendors that caught my eye were:

La La Yeah - Image courtesy of their website

Bread and Circus - Image courtesy of their website

My favourite clothing designer was Elisa C Rossow, from Montreal. Her clothing was stunning, and while I'm definitely not in the market for her items, I definitely will think of her when I am. Her work with leather was just amazing. I am in love with her skirt though. Pockets! Midi length! Perfection!

Elisa C Rossow - Image courtesy of their website

Lieland Lentz - Image courtesy of their website

Was there anything that you would love to get from these designers? Did you make it out? What was your favourite? 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Beauty :: Estee Lauder Repair Serum Review

Estee Lauder's #1 Repair Serum worldwide made it into my bathroom about a month ago. Does is live up to the hype?


I caved into the peer pressure, and decided to splurge and get the repair serum. The best thing about shopping in places like the Bay, is that their beauty regularly has crazy gift sets that make buying one crazily expensive product [like the serum], extremely worth it. Yay for samples and freebies!


Advanced Night Repair Serum

The Packaging

Extremely easy to use. It's an eye dropper style, which allows for exact application, and no excess product is wasted. I typically drop 3 or 4 drops on my fingers, and then smooth onto my face. But, I'm going to try the way described on the Estee Lauder website:

1. Apply a drop to each finger tip on one hand
2. Touch finger tips of each hand together
3. Massage serum over face and neck starting at the center, outward.

The Product

This claims to fight all the key signs of ageing for all skin types. There is lots that this product tackles:
- Aging
- Dryness
- Lines and Wrinkles
- Dullness

As I am now 25, and pretty much it's all downhill after that, I am definitely interested in prevention. Is it sad that I'm noticing how much my lifestyle affects my body now? Oh, for the days of glorious, untamed youth.

The serum is thin, so it applies quite nicely. A few drops definitely goes a long way, so I'm not so upset over the cost. I noticed an instant difference the morning after my first application - my skin was so smooth! I fell off the band wagon a little once I took my trip, but now am back to using it every night before bed.

It doesn't have any strong scents, and dries upon application quickly enough that you have time to apply it all over your face without it pulling on your skin. I do love that it is oil-free as well.

The Verdict

I would definitely by this product again. It should last a good while, it doesn't even look like I've made a dent in the bottle. I even got an extra sample of this and gave it to my mom to try - She loves it! I am now on the hunt for another night moisturiser, since I'm not a fan of just using the serum on it's own. This is something I definitely recommend!


Estee Lauder Extras

So this gift set was composed of: Eyeshadow quad in Envious Orchid (similar), Sumptuous Bold black mascara, two lipsticks, the Revitalizing Supreme creme, the Advanced Night Repair eye creme, and the Modern Muse lotion.

I'm extremely excited to start using the cremes more often, I wanted to use up some of my older stuff first. I love the lipsticks though! They're the one things I use on a regular basis. They're smooth and last quite a while. I'll do swatches at a later date, and full reviews of the cremes when I have used them longer.

What do you think of this gift set and do you like that serum? 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Life :: Travel Journal no.3 - Germany

Country no. 3 - Germany. This country needed more time than we had allotted for it, so we didn't do it any justice. Just another country to go back to! 


After a slightly harrowing drive through Belgium (after trying to get into Brussels) we decided to just move on to Germany.

"To Cologne!" I said, punching it into the GPS.

Oh, I should have known better. What made us think that we'd have any better luck finding parking in Cologne, than we did trying to get around to Brussels?

Alas, we were not lucky. We drove around, in the rain of course, narrow streets. We got lost. Andrew stalled the car a couple times at stop lights. We ended up on a board-walk sidewalk that was definitely pedestrian only. We didn't get pulled over. Needless to say, Andrew wanted to get outta Cologne pretty quick after that.

So, we decided to head to the next town over - Bonn. Still no luck. But at least this time we found a grocery store to stock up on supplies for the week. We then headed to the campsite. In the dark, we had no idea what it looked like. But in the morning, it was gorgeous! Right on a lake, surrounded by hills and mountains, amazing. It was too bad that we couldn't stay there a little bit longer. But it was time to move on to the next stop.


The Nurburgring. The Green Hell.

This was Andrew's thing. He rented a car, and took it for a couple spins on the track. It was pretty cool. It's one of those things that would be way better if you are actually driving, and aren't fighting a cold. I went for 2 laps as a passenger, and felt extremely nauseous. But I didn't chuck my cookies, so I was extremely proud of myself. Andrew loved it. I loved just the driving to get there, the scenery is so ridiculously pretty.


The campsite that we stayed at outside of Nurburg was amazing too. Look at how pretty it is in the morning!!! 
A note about campsites: They are extremely clean. Well maintained, and easy to use. Definitely nicer than some of the ones on this side of the world. Also, get to them early! The offices close usually around 7.30pm, latest at 8! This one we definitely learned the hard way. We always just snuck in at the last minute, and paid in the morning. 


I loved being able to drive through all of the cool little towns and seeing all of the glorious scenery. Stunning. What would you want to do in Germany? But onto the next country: Switzerland! 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Life :: Money Talks

Or the day that I actually came to terms with the fact that I have an actual problem. It wasn't easy.

So, the day started out like any other. I went to work, had a great day, and even had great evening. Watched a couple movies, got things checked off of my to-do list, and helped my in-laws with the gardening. As some unfortunate family happenings are going on, Andrew and I are figuring out whether we want to start buying property. Income property, and house flipping. We both are interested in doing so, and I'm feeling like this will be the catalyst to something big in the future.

During this conversation, Andrew casually asked me about my finances. This is where things got a little... messy. For the first time in a discussion about money, Andrew asked me to lay out my numbers. So I did. And all I felt was shame. Shame over the fact that I couldn't keep it together. That I couldn't say no to spending money. That I couldn't exactly tell him how much I spent each month... And that I didn't want to tell him where it was going.

That last thought was a particularly low point in my realization. I was becoming exactly what I didn't want to become. I've become someone who smudges the truth about my finances, and sneaks things into the house because I don't want my significant other knowing that I'm spending money. RED FLAG ALERT! This was the behaviour I was so desperate not to replicate, that I didn't even realize I already was. This was a hard pill to swallow. But as they say, the first step is realization, and now I can do something about it.

Andrew and I will have a sit down and discuss fully our monetary options, especially with us going to buy a house together. But this means that I am on a serious [this time] money ban. I've touched on this topic before on here, but it's always been light and airy. Nothing serious. Things on how to budget [that I don't stick with], saying that I'm in a buying ban [but that never lasts], using programs to help budget [that I use for a bit and then fall out of].  I am going to the Jar/Cash method. But I literally cannot spend any money extra. Everything should be going into savings. I might be going back to my hermit ways - or just inviting friends over more.

One of the hardest things is just cutting things out. Maybe I need to work another job so that I can make extra money on the side.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Toronto :: SparkSessions Conference

Toronto, are you ready for this? SparkSessions Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Conference is coming!


This is extremely exciting news.  I believe that this is the 2nd year the lovely ladies of Spark Sessions put together: a 2 day learning extravaganza. I missed out on it last year.

As soon as I found out about it, I knew that I was going to attend this year's.

This year's speakers include Sara Koonar – Editor-in-Chief of 29 Secrets, Sabrina Maddeaux – Fashion Editor for NOW Magazine, Kat Peterson – Vice President, Digital, for eLuxe, and Lena Almeida – Founder of the popular Canadian blog, Listen to Lena, with the Spark Sessions’ spectacular keynote speakers to be announced closer to the conference.

Are you going to be attending? Let me know! I've met some great ladies through Spark Sessions, and I love meeting more! 

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life :: Travel Journal no.2 - Belgium

Let the RV Camper adventures begin! The first city that we visited in this beast was Antwerp.

Amazingly, we found a parking spot, although at the time we didn't realize how amazing that would be until later on in our journey. We parked the beast, and set out towards the city centre for some sight seeing.

Now, to my downfall, I didn't do much any research into what the city had to offer in terms of sights and attractions. But no matter, we were content to just meander and browse the streets as we came across them. We probably missed a lot of cool things, but we also weren't exactly looking for them.



After a quick Google, here are some of the things that we missed, but I wouldn't mind seeing in Antwerp:


Fashion Museum (MoMu)
Diamond Museum




Ruien Antwerp Underworld
Palace on the Meir

After a lovely day in Antwerp, we headed towards Brussels, and stayed at a campsite just outside of the city centre. We did plan on going into Brussels, but after terrible instructions to get to the train station by the guy who ran the campground, we finally found it. But, due to the camper's large size, we couldn't find any parking! We drove around the Atomium Museum thing for way to long before deciding to cut our losses and continue onwards and upwards. 


It was a pretty interesting day... to say the least. Lovely fall colours, and we just kind of stumbled upon the Atomium. Who knew? In retrospect, we probably should have just gone inside and up in the weird little atoms that I think are rooms.

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